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"55 Reasons to Think Outside the Box"

Thinking outside the box" is more than just a business cliche. For Studio Fifty5 Design, it means approaching assignments in new and innovative ways; envisioning problem areas differently and looking at your home or office in a completely new light.

If you've been desiring a new Redesign for your home, Staging for the sale of your home, or simply need a little help with organizing your home or office space... I would love for you to choose Studio Fifty5 Design as your complete source for your special project.

Please read more about my personal journey below...
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Our Guiding Principles and Core Values

Reliability  *  Integrity  *  Honesty  *  Accountability  * Commitment  *  Respect  *  Efficiency  * Creativity  *  Passion

"Always Follow the Golden Rule"

Hi... My name is Melissa and I am the owner of Studio Fifty5 Design...

I'd love to get to know you... and thought that I would share a little about myself and my story, so that you can get to know me too.

I was a young-"ish" married mom of 2 in 2005 and realized I was finally at a point where both of my kids would be in school and decided that I wanted to get back out into the “work world.” So, I put myself through Real Estate school at night when my kids went to bed. I needed my own space, so I designed a little work area in a closet under our staircase. It was tiny… but it was my perfect “hide away” area, and it keep the kids out. Within a few short months I was licensed and back in the work force alongside my mentor, a multi-million dollar agent in Ojai California. Soon, my “part time” job turned into a full time 60+ hr a week career. Not long after that, I took on Property Management and I started my own Property Management company, “MMB Property Management" in Ojai.

Fast forward to 2014: I was managing 100+ homes, hired 2 people to help with the day to day paperwork and dragged my then 18 year old daughter, as well as my husband into Real Estate to help with the work load. You see, I was not just “managing” my clients properties, but I was also helping them to remodel and flip their homes!


I found that, that was my passion! That was what
made me truly happy… and I soon started  passing
the sales end of the business over to my husband and daughter to work.

Then suddenly, in Feb of 2014 I lost my 16 year old
son Hunter in a dirt biking accident. Without going into all the details, after several months of mourning and trying to get through each day… I realized that life is just too short and that it was time for some changes… and

time to recreate myself yet again.

I sold my ever growing company in 2016… and took some long needed and long overdue "me time." Soon after in 2018, my husband retired after 20+ years in law enforcement and, stepping out in faith, we decided to leave Southern California and build a new home in Nevada for a fresh start.

My “me-time” before we moved, allowed me to find
and build on my “passion” once again. I was 
reflecting on how much I loved helping my old clients flip their homes and redesigning for them. I loved the years of staging the homes that I was selling as a Real Estate Agent…  and I absolutely love to see and have everything in order… on so many levels!


So it was just natural, that as we transitioned to Nevada… I also transitioned into my new career and business with Studio Fifty5 Design.

Sometimes the roads we're on can be long, sometimes bumpy... sometimes they have potholes... but they always lead us to where we need to be and into the next chapter of our lives. I'm very excited to have you join me in mine!

"Inaction breeds doubt and fear; Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit at home and
think about it. Go out and Get Busy!"

~ Dale Carnegie

"Melissa's aesthetic is

timeless; it's
rooted in classic principles
and infused with the introduction of modern elements and very often a touch of wonder.  
You'll see it reflected in her interiors and also in her online store, an extension of her style and brand.

                  ~ Red Barn Events